SETUP OpenVPN in iOS and Android

OpenVPN Open Source Free SSL VPN software released Apps for both Apple iOS sytem and Google Android system. The Apps are called "OpenVPN Connect", which allow our users to connect to our US or UK based HTTPS port SSL VPN services from smartphones or tablets without jailbreak or root the devices, very convenient and super powerful, it makes our Free VPN accounts more useful for both desktop and mobile platforms. 

First, go to download the OpenVPN App for iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch from Apple's App Store or go to download the App for Android phones and tablets from Google Play Store:

 OpenVPN Connect for iOS           OpenVPN Connect for Android

Second, download VPN configurations files for our Free US or UK VPN servers, then send the .ovpn files to your mobile device's email address;

Then receive the configuration files email from your iOS or Android mobile devices, type the attachment, the mobile system will ask which apps to open the attachment, select "Open in OpenVPN" icon;


Now OpenVPN App prompts "New profiles are available...", type the "+" icon to import FreeVPNSoftware.NET profile into your Apple devices;

It's ready to connect now! Slide the VPN connection button from "Off" to "on" position, waiting for the OpenVPN to get connected, well done!


Don't forget the last step! Open your mobile web browser, visit MyIPOnline.COM to confirm your new IP address and start using brand new internet connection in your Apple's mobile system!

For Android System, it's almost same, but you need first copy the .ovpn files into Android mobile phones or Android tablet's SD card storage, then from OpenVPN connect Andorid App, import the configurations from Storage, and in the end select the profile to connect, enjoy!