Free VPN Software FAQs and Tips

Q: Why you use OpenVPN software for the Free VPN service instead of using the more popular PPTP client which is almost built-in every desktop and mobile systems?

A: The Anwer is very simple: Availability. In many countries, the broadband ISPs or 3G mobile network providers block GRE protocol which basically stop every PPTP client to get conencted successfully. Our OpenVPN based SSL VPN service can beautiful solve this issue, because we use the industry standard TCP 443 port which is same as the HTTPS protocol in web browsing. NO ISP or Mobile network will block TCP 443 port because that is the minimum requirement every user need to have for secure web access. This guarantees that our VPN service will be available to everyone from different countries. Also the 1024 bits strong encryption and authentication ensures a very safe data transfer solution which also makes the VPN connection unbreakable all the times.

Q: Why you offer such high quality VPN service for FREE? Is there something tricky with the service?

A: Absoloutely NO. We offer the free VPN service for our potential customers to test and try our VPN infrastructure and connection. If you are very satisfied with our free VPN software and service, and move want move on to purchase our commercial OpenVPN service, please contact us, we will offer you extra discount if you are coming from FreeVPNSoftware.NET service.

Our commercial OpenVPN service provides dedicated static public IP for each VPN account, that means the VPN listening IP is dedicated for each customer, never sharing with anyone else, this also guarantee that the user's account will NEVER EVER BEING BLOCKED AT ANY TIME BY ISP, it's simply amazing feature and no one else in this industry can offer same high level of VPN service with our aggressive price range.

Q: My local ISP's DNS server has problem, and I get connection error: "RESOLVE: Cannot resolve host address: No such host is known.", what can I do?

A: Try to go to web site DNS2IP.ORG , put "" in the hostname field, click "Submit" button get resolve the accurate VPN server IP address, then click "Edit Config" by right clicking OpenVPN Icon, change the hostname with the IP address you find, save the file and retry, you will get connection back immediately. And once VPN is connected, we will push the Google standard and DNS IP address to your device so you won't experience DNS issue any more, enjoy.

Q: Can I still receive emails after connecting to the SSL VPN service? I know many ISP and VPN providers don't allow to send emails through their network to avoid being the source of spam mails.

A: YES, you can still send and receive emails after using our VPN connections. Remember in your desktop computer mail clients and in your mobile phone mail clients, setup your email connection using Exchange method ( both Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo! Mail Plus support Exchange protocol connection ). The extra benefits of using exchange settings for your email is its very fast and efficient Push Email feature, you will like it!